Denver Improv Festival: Show Schedule

Thursday, October 31st: High School Night

DIF High School Night, Act One: Thursday 6:15pm @Bovine: Heritage HS, Arvada West HS $10

DIF High School Night, Act Two: Thursday 7pm @Bovine: Fossil Ridge HS, Discovery Canyon Campus, East HS $10

DIF High School Night, Act Three: Thursday 8pm @Bovine: Standley Lake HS, Pomona HS $10

Friday, November 1st

Friday Night 7pm @Bovine Metropolis: The Notorious V.A.G., Madeline + Dante, Murder Murder $20

Friday Night 7pm @Grafenberg: Broad Squad, Kaden Koharrick, Kobe $15

Friday Night 7pm @Voodoo Comedy: Bent, BoxCar, Community Theater 3000 $20

Friday Night 9pm @Bovine Metropolis: Improv Cabaret, FESTIVAL HEADLINERS: PGraph $25

Friday Night 9pm @Grafenberg: Pro Play, Prayer Circle, Third Curd $20

Friday Night 9pm @Voodoo Comedy: JNames, FESTIVAL HEADLINERS: Delicious Moments $25

Saturday, November 2nd

Saturday Night 6pm @Bovine Metropolis: Mojito, Chocolate Thunder & Vanilla Lightning, 4 & 20 Improv $20

Saturday Night 6pm @Grafenberg: Jack & the Wolf, Odell & DeJong, Streaky Bacon $15

Saturday Night 6pm @Voodoo Comedy: Infirmary Players, Katie & Chris, A-Team $20

Saturday Night 8pm @Bovine Metropolis: Four First Names, FESTIVAL HEADLINERS: Delicious Moments $25

Saturday Night 8pm @Grafenberg: Rated P, Ross Childs, BAUS $20

Saturday Night 8pm @Voodoo Comedy: Tapestry, FESTIVAL HEADLINERS: PGraph $25

Saturday Night 10pm @Bovine Metropolis: Ms. Andry, Bingewatch, Brenda Lee $15

Saturday Night 10pm @Grafenberg: Murder Fairy & Arson Leprechaun, TVUnscripted, Partners in Time $15

Saturday Night 10pm @Voodoo Comedy: Barkley, Turning Point, Mouse Couch $20

Sunday, November 3rd

Sunday Night 6pm @Voodoo Comedy: Festival Ensemble, DIF All-Stars, The Dishwater Blondes $15